black Lives matter

Dear friends,


FairTSA stands with Black Lives Matter and the global movement for equality and justice. As we acknowledge that silence and inaction contribute to ongoing institutional racism and other structural inequalities, we feel it is the time for us all to pause and listen to what black communities are voicing about their struggle against racism, police brutality, and the senseless murder of George Floyd and many black Americans by a failing system. 


The events that evolved all over the United States and worldwide in the past weeks remind us of the inequalities and the prejudice that black people and people of color experience in their daily lives. True to our mission, we share a collective commitment to a society in which all public officials are held accountable for advancing the well-being of the people they serve, while recognizing it is our responsibility to keep pushing for a system of racial justice that consistently upholds human dignity and equity. 


We in the FairTSA family have a duty towards our community, farmers, and organizational partners to speak up and stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and its goals of justice, safety, and inclusion. We know real change is at hand if we collectively speak up and advocate for equality. It is possible if we keep working for it together.


-The staff of FairTSA