FairTSA Community Development Projects

FairTSA believes in supporting rural farmers in what sustainable social development they deem best to serve their community. We also believe in accountability for the premiums that they receive through our program, and have therefore developed our unique Project-Based Accountability concept.

Each year FairTSA Fair Trade certified producers must provide a Community Development Project (CDP) proposal based on an estimate of Social Premium to be received. The inspector then checks the projects carried out and the traceability of the project's expenses and documents. In the following year a CDP evaluation is due in order to reflect on the project's desired outcome, effect, and how best to expand on it in the following years.

Overarching Goals

FairTSA community development has several overarching goals: 

  • Empower the farming communities through democratic, inclusive planning and decision-making.

  • Strengthen the communities by investment in infrastructure, health care, food safety, educational, cultural, and environmentally sound initiatives.

  • Contribute to the financial well-being of farming communities by supporting investment in good agricultural farming and post-harvest practices and appropriate equipment.

  • Foster equality and inclusivity