Elite Organic and FairTSA

Community Development

2020 - 2021

   Producers are at the heart of FairTSA Fair Trade certification. Together through community development projects and capacity building we are helping to directly impact the agricultural communities that grow and process our food. 

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2020: High School and Child Care  

   Our partners Elite Organic make organic fruit and vegetable beverages, purees, and healthy snacks based in Ankara, Turkey. Elite Organic is building a high school with a sports complex in Aksaray, Esmekaya Village! This exciting endeavor will make it possible for over 200 of the farmers children to attend school and create a safe space for social and sporting activities after school hours. This project is not only about creating a safe space for children, but also fostering their future. Wanting to bring modern opportunities and literacy to its children, the project includes buildings that will use new learning models, including a computer lab, science lab, conference hall, music hall, and art hall. These facilities will provide an important opportunity for students to experience new approaches that support their learning needs and interests, and provide authentic application of knowledge, critical thinking, and solve complex problems. 

   They will also learn how to work collaboratively; communicate effectively, be self-directed and incorporate feedback. All of this will help them develop the academic mindsets necessary for learning, which will have a long-lasting positive impact on future opportunities for students. Such projects are required with FairTSA certification, looking for long-term solutions to challenges faced in agricultural communities.

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