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Webinar RSVP Form

***Please read***

We appreciate your interest in the FairTSA Fair Trade program. Please note the times posted are in UTC and may not apply to your local time zone.

Before the seminar, we would like to have some basic information from your company so as to make the Fair Trade program fruitful for everybody involved. As you are probably aware, Fair Trade programs typically work differently than organic, HCCP or other certifications in that not only the producer of the products needs to be certified, but also the buyer needs to commit to certain requirements such as paying the related fair trade premiums. Therefore, in addition to your contact information, we ask you kindly to provide us with the information of buyers that are interested in Fair Trade or with the information about your main trading partners before the webinar. We will only contact those buyers with your permission and not before the webinar. We will also keep the information you provide completely confidential. You can address any concerns you may have in this regard in the upcoming webinar.

Thanks! Message sent.

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