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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I get certified with FairTSA?

The best way to begin the certification process is to attend an introductory webinar hosted monthly both in English and Spanish. While it is a requirement for certification, it is also the best place to get to know our program. The webinar covers all certification and renewal conditions, and we will discuss any questions you may have.

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Does FairTSA have equivalence with other Fair Trade programs?


While we have equivalence with two other programs, IBD Fair Trade and Control Union Fair Choice, we unilaterally accept certain conditions FLO Fairtrade, Fair Trade USA IMO / Ecocert Fair for Life and Naturland Fair. Since we are an organization driven by the mission, we are open to cooperation with other Fair Trade programs. However, we can not guarantee the cooperation of other Fair Trade programs, so if you have any questions, please contact us and we will do everything possible to resolve the situation.


What is the difference between FairTSA and Fair Trade USA?

Fair Trade USA (FTUSA), formerly TransFair USA, is an organization different from FairTSA, and we do not have an equivalence agreement with them. We coexist in certain projects, but there is no formal agreement.


What is a community development project?

We place special emphasis on community projects and capacity development for small farmers and workers, since we believe that this is the most efficient way to support  indigenous knowledge and skills. The projects cover many different areas: improvement of infrastructure and post-harvest techniques and equipment, basic health care, reforestation, other environmental projects, and many more.

Each certified producer should establish a committee of which should include small farmers and workers (if applicable) to make a joint decision that is as democratic as possible under the circumstances. In large projects, small farmers elect representatives, since it is not feasible for all members to attend committee meetings. The committee submits a proposal to FairTSA. The proposal is reviewed and approved by us, and we can request a clarification and / or specification of details or budgets. Then the project is carried out and, after each year, the committee will present an evaluation of the previous year's project and a proposal for the following year.


Can you put me in contact with a Fair Trade supplier of a specific product?

Yes, in many cases we can make a contact and consult our database. We can also support the certification process of your existing provider(s) if your company and the provider so desire.


How much does the Fair Trade certification cost?

The main cost of certification is the cost charged by the corresponding certifier. The certifier will issue an estimated cost before certification so that each producer has a clear idea of ​​the costs involved. We also charge an annual producer fee of $ 400, which may be lower for small producers and higher for larger producers.

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