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Jiangxi Wanzai & FairTSA

Community Development

2016 - 2020

   Producers are at the heart of FairTSA Fair Trade certification. Together through community development projects and capacity building we are helping to directly impact the agricultural communities that grow and process our food. 

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   Jiangxi Wanzai Jinjiang Organic Foods Co. is a FairTSA Fair Trade certified producer of ginger products in Jiangxi Province, China. Since 2014, FairTSA has been collaborating with them on yearly infrastructure projects that will help provide long-term benefit to the villages of Dongfeng and Juifa ̶ two ginger producing communities located in the mountainous Wanzai county region. 


Ginger Production in China 


   Ginger cultivation in China dates back to 6th Century BCE, where it was used widely in the treatment of common ailments such as nausea, joint pain, and fatigue. Today, the country stands as one of the largest producers of the rhizome, with 2016 exports reaching a total value of $445 million1. As this market continues to grow, it is vital that producers acquire the means to improve the quality of their ginger in order to remain competitive in the face of environmental disaster and global market price fluctuations. For their yearly infrastructure projects, the cooperative members at Juifa and Dongfeng cooperatives, Jiangji Wanzai’s ginger producres, have used Social Premium funds to improve their access to agricultural technology and training in the growth of organic ginger. These projects to economize the production of high quality organic ginger so farmers can gain further financial stability while reducing the level of demanding manual labor required in cultivation. 

2015-2018 Projects 

   For projects in Dongfeng and Juifa, farmers focused on creating efficient agricultural processes while decreasing the need for hard manual labor. These projects include the acquisition of agricultural technology as well as educational workshop attendance on organic farming. As Jiangixi is a fairly new certified producer, projects will initially address the most practical agricultural needs, but eventually will look towards more directly benefitting the community at large. Each co-op's budget is proportionate to production levels, with discrepancies between the two coops leveling out in 2017- 18. The projects below summarize the first three years of collaboration. 


2015-2016: Water Storage 


  • Purchase of water storage drum for each co-op. This storage allowed farmers to expedite the irrigation and fertilization of ginger plants to save time, energy, and reduce need for burdensome manual labor 

  • Seminars in organic crop management, to help improve agricultural knowledge and understanding of the environmental benefits of organic farming 

2016-2017: Machinery, Farming Tools, Education 


  • Purchase of black film covering and sun shade net for temperature control and weed prevention 

  • Purchase of power furrow machine for Dongfeng, and lawn mower for Juifa 

  • Purchase of diesel engine and sprinkler system to improve efficiency and water preservation 

  • Seminars instructing farmers on the environmental benefits of organic and Fair Trade ginger cultivation 


Below: Black coverings used in temperature control help guarantee crop quality and increase financial stability for community members. 


2017-2018 Projects 


  • Purchase of black sheeting and sun-shade net for temperature control and weed prevention 

  • Purchase of power furrow machine for Dongfeng, and lawn mower for Juifa 

  • Purchase of diesel engine and sprinkler to improve efficiency and water preservation 


Right: Installation of sprinkler system to reduce water waste and alleviate taxing physical labor required in manual watering. 


2019 Projects 

   A Community Development proposal meeting was held with the farmers to meet and reflect on the 2018 Community Development project, and agree on a 2019 project through inclusive and democratic decision making. The farmer community discussed the past investments of agricultural inputs as well as what Community Development proposal for year 2019 would best serve them, and two main goals were agreed upon. They are the investment in farming practices and educating farmers about ginger planting technology and organic and fair trade methods. 

   For their 2019 Community Development Project it was decided by the farmers that the best way to accomplish their goals is through purchasing a submersible pump and water pipes to better irrigate their crop, a generator for better and more consistent control of the power on the farm, and black plastic film to cover the ground and keep temperature consistent and control weeds. These projects will all help further offset the costs and labor of farming their ginger. 

2020 Projects

    For 2020, the highly successful goals of 2019 were repeated while adding a temperature regulated storage cellar for the ginger crop. This increases their quality and capacity of ginger storage and preservation. The storage cellar for greatly offsets the usual heat there, while in autumn and winter keeping temperatures up and stable. The moisture content in the soil of cellar is also stable, which is helpful to prevent the ginger from wilting and shrinking. Cellars also accumulates carbon dioxide, reducing oxygen to help preserve further. This way the ginger can kept for a long time without deteriorating. In addition, Ji Xi is increasing an air-conditioned warehouse to store ginger, which will be controlled by the measures for temperature and humidity to keep ginger fresh. 

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