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Kandetiya and FairTSA

Community Development

2020 - 2021

   Producers are at the heart of FairTSA Fair Trade certification. Together through community development projects and capacity building we are helping to directly impact the agricultural communities that grow and process our food. 

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   Kandetiya Agro Products in Sri Lanka is a newly certified FairTSA producer. For their very first Community Development Project the decided to go with a two-part proposal, comprising of community care packages and agricultural improvement.  


2020: Training and Tool Distribution  


   First it was decided to increase the farmers knowledge of organic farming practices including sustainable water use, fertilizing, and intercropping. Using diverse crops such as papaya, pineapple, and banana among coconut plantations strengthens production and water retention. There will be trained officers helping to monitor and support the farmers planting and fertilizing process. In order to improve their knowledge of organic farming, Kandetiya is working with the Coconut Research Institute and agriculture department of Sri Lanka. They will organize onsite training sessions conducted by CRI officers. To promote the sustainable use of water, CRI will help plan irrigation systems being set up as part of the FairTSA CDP, including tube wells and water storage tanks for a more comprehensive and useful system in place. Part of this education is encouraging stewardship and protection of natural water bodies and land. 

   Secondly, a choice was given to each farmer that has been with the company for over a year for a useful package to support their daily activities. The main areas of support are water and transportation. Most farmers live in remote areas with no easy access to public transportation or water. They had a choice of bicycle, water pump, or basic organic farming supplies. The water pump can enable families to irrigate and set up water systems at their home. Bicycles are very prevalent in the rural culture in Sri Lanka, where having access to one greatly saves costs and time in family efforts with children and professional commutes. FairTSA is excited to continue supporting this comprehensive support of their farming community.   

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