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Community Development


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PRODOSA is a FairTSA Fair Trade banana producer in the Dominican Republic beginning their first year of community development projects in 2021. With many initiatives in play, we look forward to their evaluation of the year's projects and new ones for 2022!

bringing our farmers homE

Improve the irrigation system of the banana farm through construction of a new concrete channel. This will increase the efficiency of water use on site. Included is proper maintenance of the irrigation and water pumps


 Provide planting material, organic fertilizer and fuel for irrigation. Continuously train staff on quality, production and sustainability issues to increase biodiversity and health of the ecosystem


 Increase capacity of the solar energy system on site

Support the migrant workers in obtaining their immigration status, as well as providing accommodations for them and their families

Repairing the homes of local workers

Create a medical and accident fund to cover a proportion of the medical expenses of employees and their families when they suffer a high-risk illness or accident. Additionally support workers in the purchase of medicine

Provide breakfast and lunch to field employees including  drinking water

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