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FairTSA now accepts Producer Applications via our website!

Below are the three different FairTSA applications for Producers in both English and Spanish. Please find which best suits you, and apply by clicking below and submitting a filled out form. If that does not work for you, feel free to download our applications here, and email in your submission.

Please remember that the three main requirements for a successful application are:

1- Mandatory attendance of a free webinar. RSVP here

2- A completed application

3- Payment of our application fee. You receive an invoice after your application has been submitted

FairTSA Application for Producer Groups 

Producer Groups are cooperatives or associations organized as a legal entity

FairTSA Application for Key Development Partners

A Key Development Partner is typically a processor of food products that sources products from small farmers under an Internal Control System

FairTSA Application for Individually Owned Farms

Individually owned farms that are certified have their Fair Trade premiums go directly to the farm workers, not the farm itself

En español

Solicitud de FairTSA para grupos de productores

Las Agrupaciones de Productores son cooperativas o asociaciones organizadas como una entidad jurídica

Aplicación FairTSA para socios clave de desarrollo

Un Socio de Desarrollo Clave es típicamente un procesador de productos alimenticios que obtiene productos de pequeños agricultores bajo un Sistema de Control Interno


Solicitud de FairTSA para granjas de propiedad individual

Las fincas de propiedad individual que están certificadas tienen sus primas de Comercio Justo que van directamente a los trabajadores agrícolas, no a la finca en sí