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Silke Fuchshofen

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Silke was part of the founding team of FairTSA and has worked in many different capacities for FairTSA.

Fair Trade and different cultures/ ways of living were always interesting to me. Community development projects and regional development were my favorites at university. I helped shape the FairTSA concept of Community Development projects - the organizations’ tool for improving quality of life in the producer communities. The system works twofold: an infusion of money through Fair Trade sales allows the communities to start discussion about their needs and what they can do. The activity and initiative create an infusion of creativity. The concept asks to use local resources and local knowledge. The project brings improvements and the involvement with the projects in itself brings quality of life to the rural communities.

When I am not working for FairTSA, I run an organic certification consulting business, take walks with friends and dogs, tend to my garden, or go swimming in one of the beautiful lakes of the Berkshire Mountains.

Silke Fuchshofen
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