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Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance, short FairTSA, is a Fair Trade Program. Working with existing networks keeps our administration slim. We work with an expansive network of organic certification agencies for annual inspections and certifications. Fair Trade fees are invested into community projects and the communities themselves develop the projects. We foster licensee and producer relationships. We support our producers. 

Farmers & Workers

Fair Trade programs benefit producers and their communities, to improve quality of life. The Fair Trade certification is the first step and for Fair Trade sales the buyer needs to pay higher prices plus a fee that goes toward resources for community develpment projects. For farm workers and processing plants, the FairTSA standard covers working conditions, worker's rights, overtime, child labor, safety, vacation, sick days, and much more.


Fair Trade is about so much more than price: stable relationships between buyers and farmers, engagement in problem solving, and Community Development Projects. With our program the whole community engages and benefits. Projects are for economic, educational, sanitary, water supply, emergency and other purposes.


There is no Fair Trade without licensees. Licensees care. They have a vision and are willing to go the extra mile. They can be brand owners in the countries who import Fair Trade foods, or they are producer operations with an integrated processing plant. Licensees contract with us to use the FairTSA logo. We provide reports and accountability for the community projects.


FairTSA cooperating certifiers verify that producers meet our standard requirements. Our network is open, the only pre-condition is ISO 17065 compliance. The certifier applies with us, we train inspectors and staff, provide forms, and maintain close cooperation. Our worldwide organic certification network provides quality inpections and certifications worldwide.

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What Our Partners Say

"The initiative goes beyond providing financial support; it actively empowers producers by promoting inclusive decision-making. Witnessing the transformative impact of Fair Trade on these communities is truly inspiring. It is fulfilling to see individuals and families flourish and elevate their current conditions. Fair Trade not only fosters economic growth but also nurtures a sense of pride and unity within these communities." [Celebes Coconut, FairTSA producer, Philippines]

"FairTSA is in our opinion a very serious and innovative way to develop the Fair Trade and to communicate about the final achievements. The specificity of the FairTSA label is its proximity to the supply chain, its flexibility, and its reduced management costs. The proximity allows FairTSA to understand what really matters for producers at origin and importers at destination. Thanks to its flexibility FairTSA  always find a way to move on and develop fair trade supply chains. Thanks to Its reduced management cost the money goes to the producers and is not lost in administration fees.” [BONABIO S.A.S., Licensed Partner, France]

"Being certified according to the FTSA standard enabled us to work together with the farmers on projects spanning a longer period and lasting impact. We very much appreciated the accessibility of the people behind FTSA and their practical approach and solutions." [Good Food Foundation, FairTSA Producer, Turkey]

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