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Licensee Partners

FairTSA Licensee Partners


A licensee contract enables you to use the FairTSA logo. This also means that you purchase the goods as Fair Trade from a Fair Trade certified producer or processing operation. 


Our Licensee Partners are buyers of FairTSA certified products that purchase under Fair Trade conditions, such as paying the fair price and the Community development premium. They engage in capacity building, prepay a percentage of crops if applicable and strive for long-term relationships with the producer operations. 


Once enrolled, a licensee can make Fair Trade claims and use the FairTSA Fair Trade logo to substantiate their company’s commitment and for mission-related marketing.


Community Development Projects 

FairTSA licensees receive annual reports about their producer’s community development project and capacity building activities, including information about how the premium was used. We have developed our “Project-based Accountability” concept with our licensees in mind. Examples of the project documentation are accessible on our Projects page. We provide transparency throughout the entire supply chain: 

  1. Producers annually submit an updated community development proposal to FairTSA

  2. FairTSA approves the proposal incl. budget or requests amendments

  3. Producer carries out community project with FairTSA support if necessary

  4. during the annual inspection the inspector checks the amount of Social Premium paid against documented project expenses and the project proposal.

  5. Major inconsistencies can be grounds for suspension, and in severe cases, revocation of certification.

  6. At the end of the year, the producers submit written project documentation and evaluation. FairTSA publishes main project features on its web site. Narrative, photographs, video clips, as available, are provided to the licensees for documentation and marketing purposes.

How to Become a FairTSA Licensee

1. Contact us and we will send you all necessary information.

2. Download the FairTSA Licensee Application.

3. We review the application, may request additional information and invoice you for the application fee. 

4. After receipt of the fee, we send you the licensing agreement.

5. After return of the signed agreement we will countersign and send it, issue the licensee certificate and send you the high resolution logo.

Here is a list of our Licensee and Registered Partners for download.

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