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Licensee Information & Application

General Information

Licensees are buyers of FairTSA Fair Trade certified products that wish to comply with Fair Trade requirements such as paying a premium for community development and capacity building, prepaying a percentage of crops when requested and if and when justified, and striving for long-term relationships whenever possible. The complete list of requirements is contained in the Buyer’s “Code of Conduct” section in the FairTSA Fair Trade Standard.

Once enrolled, a licensee may use the Fair Trade claim and the FairTSA Fair Trade logo to able to demonstrate the commitment to their company’s mission and use them for mission-related marketing purposes. Furthermore, FairTSA licensees receive at least once a year a report for their producer’s community development and capacity building activities, including financial information about the use of the premium. In order to make the use of the premium completely transparent and the parties accountable, we have developed our “Project-based Accountability” concept. The main elements of this concept are the following:

  1. Transparency of all premiums throughout the entire supply chain

  2. Producers submit an annually updated community development proposal to FairTSA

  3. FairTSA approves or requests amendments/improvements to the proposal including budget

  4. Producer carries out community projects with FairTSA support if necessary

  5. FairTSA provides the authorized on-site inspector with the amount of premium paid in the calendar year and the proposal.

  6. Inspector controls amount of premium received, amounts paid according to the project proposal by checking receipts for expenses and other indicators and the remaining balance. Major inconsistencies on the part of the producer are grounds for suspension, and in severe cases, revocation of certification.

  7. Producer submits an evaluation to FairTSA at the end of the calendar year with project documentation. FairTSA publishes main project features on its web site and provides narrative and photographs, video clips etc. (if available) to both licensees and producers for due diligence and marketing purposes.

Basic examples of the project documentation are accessible on our Projects page.

How to Become a FairTSA Licensee

1. Contact us and we will send you a letter with all financial information regarding your specific project. If you have questions, please contact us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.
2. Once you have made the decision, download the FairTSA Licensee Application.

3. Once the application is received, we will review it, ask additional questions if necessary, and invoice you for the basic licensee fee. 

4. Once we have received the fee, we will send you the licensing agreement.

5. After return of the signed agreement we will countersign and send it, issue the licensee certificate and send you the high resolution logo.

Become a FairTSA Licensee

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