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Producer Information & Application


Producers are at the heart of FairTSA Fair Trade certification.

Agricultural communities are directly benefitted through community development projects and capacity building. 

We work with a wide variety of producers, and pride ourselves in treating all our customers alike - large and small farms, with or without farm workers, as well as large processing companies. Our commitment is to the quality of the work, not the size of the operation. 

Attend a free webinar Today !

We host free informational producer webinars on a monthly basis.
Come participate & learn about our application process and certification requirements. How does Fair Trade benefit the communities that grow our food?This also serves as first requirement in the certification process. 

FairTSA certification has many advantages:


  1. We use a network of established organic certifiers that conduct the inspection & certification. You may be able to use your existing certifier and get the organic and FairTSA inspections done in one visit - no additional travel costs.

  2. Competition between certifiers keeps the certification costs low.

  3. During our free English and Spanish producer webinars, we answer questions in English and Spanish. All producers can participate, even long-term certified producers with questions about the program.

  4. We support our certified producers in organizing, documenting and evaluating their respective projects.

  5. Whenever possible we connect producers with buyers for FairTSA Fair Trade certified products.


To sell a product as FairTSA certified, producers need to be certified according to the FairTSA standard by one of our Participating Certifiers. For Fair Trade Sales, a Fair Trade Buyer needs to be interested in purchasing for the higher Fair Trade Price. 

For questions regarding equivalency with other Fair Trade Standards, read the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at the FairTSA office.

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Applying for FairTSA FT Certification

Take the first step in becoming certified with FairTSA! Fill out our Customer Profile and join our free monthly Producer Webinar. There you will learn about certification requirements and the possibilities of Fair Trade. Participation of a least one representative per operation is mandatory before the application is processed. Once you have decided to get certified, follow these steps:

  1. Send us a Producer Application that is applicable to your operation or Submit Online

  2. Ask the certifier of your choice for a cost estimate.

  3. The next step is filling out the Fair TSP System Plan. 

  4. Then the certifier will send an inspector to carry out the inspection. 

  5. The inspection report will be reviewed by the certifier and if all complies, the certificate can be issued. 

  6. Once you have the certificate and a Fair Trade buyer, you can start selling products as FairTSA Fair Trade certified!

Labeling for the Shipping of Bulk Products

Only product cases that are shipped to FairTSA licensees or FairTSA Registered Companies must be labeled as “FairTSA Fair Trade certified” in an easily readable manner. It must also show the respective Producer Identification Number format “P00000”. This labeling rule applies to all products with 95% or more FairTSA certified ingredients. 


For products with less than 95% and more than 35% FairTSA FT certified ingredients, please contact the FairTSA office and we will provide a custom label indicating the exact percentage of FairTSA ingredients. 

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Producer Resources

Producer Resources

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