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Producers are at the heart of FairTSA Fair Trade certification. Through community development projects and capacity building FairTSA helps to directly impact the agricultural communities that grow and process our food. FairTSA works with a wide variety of producers, and we do our best to treat all producers alike- small farmers, farm owners with workers or larger processing companies with small farmers producing the agricultural products for processing.

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Come participate in the first requirement of certification & learn about our application process and requirements, and how  Fair Trade benefits the communities that grow our food.

The advantages of FairTSA Fair Trade certification are manifold:


  1. We use a network of established organic certifiers to conduct inspection & certification, so that an operation can use their existing certifier or has a choice among several.

  2. Competition keeps certification costs reasonable

  3. Typically, organic and Fair Trade certification is combined – hence no additional travel cost and less administrative hassle

  4. We introduce the program and answer questions in our free Producer Webinars in English and Spanish. All producers can participate, even long-term certified producers with questions about the program.

  5. We support our certified producers in organizing, documenting and evaluating their respective projects.

  6. Whenever possible we connect producers with buyers for FairTSA Fair Trade certified products.


To sell a product as FairTSA certified, producers need to be certified according to the FairTSA standard. Inspection & Certification is conducted by one of our Participating Certifiers

One remark here: Fair Trade certifications are generally NOT equivalent, that means not all buyers accept all Fair Trade programs. Read more about equivalency in Frequently Asked Questions.


Applying for FairTSA FT certification

Take the first step in becoming certified with FairTSA! Fill out our Customer Profile and join our free monthly Producer Webinar to go over certification requirements and the possibilities of Fair Trade. Participation of a least one representative is mandatory before inspection and certification can be carried out. Once you have decided to get certified, follow these steps:

  1. Send us a Producer Application. There are three versions: The Application for Individually Owned Farms, the one for Producer Groups such as cooperatives and associations, and the one for Key Development Partners.

  2. Ask the certifier of your choice for a cost estimate.

  3. After you have accepted the cost estimate the certifier will send an inspector to carry out the inspection. 

  4. The inspection report will be reviewed by the certifier and the certificate will be issued .

  5. Once you have the certificate in hand you can start selling products as FairTSA Fair Trade certified!

Labeling for the Shipping of Bulk Products

Only products shipped to existing FairTSA licensees or FairTSA Registered Companies must be labeled. They must contain the words “FairTSA Fair Trade certified” on the outer packaging in such a manner that it is easily readable. It must also show the respective Producer Identification Number, which has the format “P00000”. The FairTSA logo may also be attached or printed on the outer packaging. This labeling rule applies to all products with 95% or more FairTSA certified ingredients.

For products with less than 95% FairTSA Fair Trade ingredients, 35% or more FairTSA FT certified ingredients, please contact FairTSA and we will provide a custom label indicating the exact percentage of FairTSA ingredients. For all other aspects the above rule applies.


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FairTSA Application for Key Development Partners

FairTSA Application for Individually Owned Farms

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Guidance Documents

ICS Manual

Basic Compliance Requirements

Guidance Document for Producer Premiums 2022

(Note new premium rules for Quinoa in Bolivia)

Guidance Document for Community Development


New FairTSA International Fair Trade Standard (Standard 4.0)

FairTSA International Fair Trade Standard

FairTSA Domestic Fair Trade Standard

FairTSA Guidance Document for for Social Responsibility Certification

FairTSA Guidance Document for Textile Certification

Community Development Forms

Community Development Project Proposal Template

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