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We work in close partnership with certification agencies. Would you like to become a Cooperating Certification Agency? FairTSA is the standard holder. We provide forms, guidance documents, and train inspectors/auditors and reviewers. Our certifying partners carry out the inspection and certification, including issuance of FairTSA certificates. Thanks to our Certifier network, we have inspectors on the ground with the necessary cultural knowledge and language skills. Together we support local economies and avoid high certification and/or consulting fees.



  • We have a very high degree of customer satisfaction, see testimonials.

  • You are joining an international group of organic certification agencies already working with our standard.

  • You can offer your clients a Fair Trade program that works in tandem with organic certifications. 

  • We provide concise and affordable training for your inspectors and reviewers.

  • We offer a free webinar for the agricultural farmers and cooperatives.

  • All necessary documents (FairTSA System Plans, Inspection Reports etc.) are provided by FairTSA.

  • Simple accreditation procedure and reasonable accreditation fees.

  • In most cases, the organic and FairTSA certifications are conducted at the same time, resulting in no additional travel costs, no additional carbon emissions, and less administrative time.

  • The separation of standard holder and certification agency provides clarity in the mutual responsibilities.

  • Clients can stay with the same certifier for both organic and Fair Trade certification.

​Application Process

The application process is easy and straightforward: 

  1. Please download the certifier application

  2. Return it and attach a copy of your certificate of incorporation and a copy of your current organic accreditation certificate.

  3. We send the invoice. Payment of the initial accreditation fee will complete the application.

  4. Within four weeks we either issue the accreditation certificate, or we may, at our discretion, deny the accreditation. 

We do our due diligence by searching for adverse public records or any other information that may impact an applicant’s ability to carry out the inspection and certification process in an adequate manner. If we detect any information that in our opinion prevents your organization from properly executing the inspection and certification process, we will deny accreditation. 


List of Accredited FairTSA Certifier Agencies

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