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Existing FairTSA certifiers,

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Cooperating certifiers currently in our network: 

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Partnership with Certifiers:

FairTSA is designed to work through organic certifiers. FairTSA holds the standard, you inspect and certify. 


In the separation of functions and tasks we follow ISO principles. We allow you to offer Fair Trade services to your portfolio for existing clients and to attract new ones. The advantages of working with FairTSA:

  • FairTSA provides concise and affordable training for your inspectors and reviewers 

  • We provide training to the producers and licensees.

  • System Plan and inspection forms for producers, processors, texile, grower groups, are provided by FairTSA

  • Simple accreditation procedure and inexpensive accreditation fees

  • No double work: the organic certification serves as integral part of the FairTSA certification 

  • for conventional operations, Good Agricultural Practices standards are integrated requirements

  • Separation of standard holder and certification agency

The application process is easy and straightforward. Please download the application below, return it with attached certificate of incorporation and your current accreditation certificate. We will send an invoice and payment of the initial accreditation fee will complete the application. Within four weeks we will either issue the accreditation certificate, or, if public records document serious accreditation violations within the last three years, we will reimburse any amounts above $500 of the initial accreditation fee.

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