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About Us

Mission Statement 

 FairTSA’s mission is to facilitate international trade that is participatory, equitable and sustainable. Our commitment is to run an effective administration to maximize benefit to producer operations. We accomplish this through authentic, transparent work in partnership with our international network of organic certification agencies, and a wide variety of producers and licensees. We all collaborate in making Fair Trade a rewarding way of life. 


Our purpose is to provide all partners in the supply chain with a flexible Fair Trade program that is as much about engagement with partners as it is about providing a strong program with well-defined requirements. While accountability is necessary, engagement is where communal change happens. Flexibility is also necessary for the unique situations of diverse international projects. Therefore, direct talks and negotiating solutions with our partners is an integral and everyday part of our program. 

Our Impact


Over One Million USD towards Community Development Projects in 2022 alone


Over 70 FairTSA Certified Producers in 25 Countries on 6 Continents


11 Cooperating Certifiers  with more than 20 offices worldwide


250 Community Development Projects to this date  


Top Selling Products: 

Coconuts, Bananas, and Rice

FairTSA Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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