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In 2022 hurricane Rai the Philippines, therefore food distribution and aid for the aftermath was the most pressing task in the community this year. After years of Fair Trade infrastructure projects such as well-drilling and creating solar lighting for remote villages, the quick switch to natural disaster aid is not unheard of in tropical farming communities.

Celebes Coconut Corporation is a FairTSA Fair Trade certified producer of coconut and banana products. Located in Butuan City in the North of the Philippines’ southernmost island, Mindanao, Celebes sources their coconuts from many small farmers of the surrounding villages and towns who grow their crop mainly in an agroforestry setting. Since 2012, FairTSA has been collaborating with these farmers on yearly infrastructure projects that aim to provide long-term benefit to their communities.

Power in Numbers

480 solar panels


16 villages


5,955 households with an average of 6 people


Project Gallery

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